Back in Gainesville

After successful concert performances with my friends Nils Biesewig and Anna Marila (take a look at their website:, I returned to Gainesville in August to continue my work here.
I'm having an exciting term so far! As a project for this semester, I am founding a collegiate chapter of the Music Teachers National Association at UF. Functioning as a president of this chapter, I was invited to give a speech at the Florida Music Teachers Annual Conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami and was generously funded by the College of the Arts and through the FSMTA Collegiate Enrichment Grant to support my trip down there. Although being quite nervous at first to drive the whole way down on my own with almost zero driving experience in this country, the trip turned out to be quite agreeable and the beautiful place of Coral Gables made up for the lengthy travel!

I was also featured in the College of the Arts News, see here:

Pianistically, I am currently working on the monumental second piano concerto of Sergej Rachmaninoff, the extremely rarely performed piano sonata by Armenian / Gregorian composer Aram Chatchaturjan, the Ballades Op. 10 by Johannes Brahms and the second trio of Dimitri Shostakovitch. A lot of great music!



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